Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Advice For The Lovelorn

OK, so I lied. But the title go you to read didn't it. It's that time of the week - time for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. This week featured a number of prompts that didn't enthuse me to the point of taking quill in hand (or finger to keyboard as the case may be). But at least number one came through and spoke to me:
1.) Share one piece of great advice you’ve received from someone who knows stuff…

Rather than one piece of advice, I thought I'd share several.
  • Water flows toward money. (From my grandfather, in reference to the fact that money can abrogate water rights quicker than a lightning flash.)
  • If a simple physical model can't explain it, you have the wrong idea. (Richard P. Feynman on why complex mathematical models of reality are often wrong.)
  • There will be many people you can love and who can love you in your life. The one you marry will be the one you are in love with at the same time you both want to get married. (A paraphrase of a discussion with my mother.)
  • Don't tease the sow. (My uncle, warning us to stay away from the vicious man-eater that was the old breding pig.)
So what is your good advice?

BTW, here are some tidbits of advice I found floating around Google:

Which one do you think is better?


  1. I like the archeologist one best. Best advice I ever got was to pay off my credit cards every month:

    Visiting from Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

  2. Of course being married for 16 years now...I'm gonna have to go with the archaeologists take on marriage! I married an engineer though.....

  3. Don't tease the sow...oh, that works on so many levels (both animal and human)!

  4. go go gadget legs... I totally want that sign....

  5. I groaned with the go go gadget legs sign. OMG. Awful. I do like the quotes that you gave as advise. I'll have to write some down from my Dad. He's a good ole country boy with a lot of funny advise. Lol.

    Oh, you asked about predictions.... hmm... Saints are the underdogs in this one by 3 points. It's OK if we don't win. Just that we got there - and are the NFC Champs, I'm happy. Most New Orleanians feel that way too. It also helps that the Colts represent the Son of New Orleans (We're big fans of the Mannings)... so, we win either way :)

  6. Really love that Feynman quote :-)

    Stopping by from Mama Kat

  7. I like your wisdom.

    I included this earlier in the week, but I was told many years ago to "Bloom where you are planted." It is easy to complain about life, but more useful to simply excel wherever one is in life.

  8. Your mom is a wise, wise woman.

  9. I love the marriage advice. My mother's most memorable advice was her constant reminder to watch what I eat: "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!" I can hear her sing songing it now (and I have never been over weight).

    My kids would probably quote my most often recited advice as "Be a victor, not a victim." But I may replace it with "Don't tease the sow." It just sound more fun. . . and hints at dire consequences.

  10. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

    I guess that makes me more of an archeologist since I married a woman 16 years my senior.

    Sounds like the words of advice from your mother is just itching to have a follow up post.

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. My only advice is you cannot be truly listening to someone if your own mouth is running.

  12. Oh my gosh : ) I love that sign. It is perfection : ). I think the advice from your mother was great! Very wise!

  13. both signs cracked me up -- and i liked your mother's advice too. timing is, indeed, everything. (i know this all too well.)


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