Monday, January 25, 2010

Feel the ...

I happened to see an ad on TV tonight for a product that shall remain nameless (but you can find it here). The ad featured the catch-phrase "Feel the Heal", trademarked by the nameless company, proving you can trademark anything. You can imagine what happened from there with my strange bent of thought. Heal came across as Heel, since that is what it sounded like. And from there I meandered down a hundred possible interpretations of the phrase, none of them good. Some examples:

Feel the Heel #1 - A picture of a rather elderly gentleman with a foot fetish sprang to mind. This poor fellow was kneeling at the feet of a beautiful model and trembling with awe and desire as she lifted her high heel clad foot to him with the words "Feel the heel".

Feel the Heel #2 - A group of people are partying, dancing and drinking, having a great time. A group of young women are sitting around a table discussing the bad behavior of the cad at the club. One woman pipes in with "Feel the heel". The others look aghast at her. She explains that he will undoubtedly be intimidated and go for safer prey.

Feel the Heel #3 - The star quarterback is lying on the field,writhing in pain. The head trainer turns to the team doctor and says "Feel the heel, feel the heel".

So what comes to your mind now as I shout "FEEL THE HEEL'????

Does it change after seeing this picture?


  1. Okay, I was a bit taken aback by cactus head because I was trying to figure out where you might have gotten that picture from, but the heel shoe is priceless.

    I love the fact it is a red pump. That cracks me up. I wonder what it looks like in person and how it handles.


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