Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

Today was one of those days with odd weather. To start, it was snowy and cold this morning. It was a glorious 10 degrees and had made it up all the way to 18 around noon. We ended up with just a dusting of powder snow, so not enough moisture to measure. I spent much of the day in meetings or waiting for meetings that never happened. A development group was scheduled to fly in to meet about some city owned property, but they were prevented from making it this far north by the wind and snow in southern Colorado. Small planes don't do real well in snow and high winds. Scratch that meeting. Then about 3pm, the wind started howling here and adiabatic heating quickly took over. The temperature shot up to 50 degrees and the snow all disappeared. Lends credence to that old saying: "If you don't like the weather in Colorado right now, just wait 15 minutes."

Got over to visit Mom at the hospital around 6pm and then headed off to the city council meeting at 7pm. It was nice to have a relatively full chamber for the meeting. The exceptional attendance was explained by the presence of two groups, a church and the Girl Scouts.

Many of the attendees were from a local church that came to make a public offer to buy some city owned land for a church. Of course we could take no action on the offer since it wasn't on the agenda. But they had also supplied it in writing so it will be coming before the council in the future.

Then I got to present the Girl Scouts with a proclamation for Girl Scout Week (March 8-14) in the city. A group of seven Girl Scouts from all age groups were present (along with parents and leaders) to receive the proclamation and give the council some Girl Scout Cookies. Given that L sits on the statewide council, I have already had more than enough cookies, so I and several other council members gave our cookies to be placed in the city staff break room. (Not to mention, no one wants to fill out all the paperwork for accepting a gift. You wouldn't believe the kind of paperwork the state demands of elected officials to account for any and all gifts.) When I asked the assembled group who wanted to receive the proclamation after I read it, one little cutie piped right up and said she would. It is nice to see kids at that age with the confidence to pipe up and say yes in front of the crowd like that. Really reinforces how effective the organization is in helping the girls succeed in life. I suspect that I will be in the paper once more, this time surrounded by a group of Girl Scouts, most of whom stand barely as tall as my belt buckle. Maybe I'll get lucky and the photographer will have cut my head off.

Th meeting continued on with other business, and then B from this post used the unscheduled public appearance slot to address the council. A fair amount of time later, we removed the glaze from our eyes and continued on. Obviously the high light of our meeting. {*grin*} Most such appearances wouldn't be too bad if people had the facts right or even addressed the issue at hand, but that is often not the case.

After the council meeting was done, I headed over to Mom's to pick up the list of things she wanted that she had given me earlier. I'll have to take them up to the hospital after the radio show tomorrow morning. I can tell that many of the effects of the anesthetic are fading. She wanted her bag to work on some hand crafts and she was doing the crossword puzzle when I visited earlier in the evening. Both actions are symptoms that she may still be in pain but that her mind has cleared.

Time to head for the bed - 6am comes early.


  1. "...surrounded by a group of Girl Scouts, most of whom stand barely as tall as my belt buckle. Maybe I'll get lucky and the photographer will have cut my head off."

    This must have been a cute scene. It sounds like a micro harem... I'm glad that the parents were nearby. It's a sad fact that people who hold public office have to be especially diligent about how they are perceived... especially around children and little girls in particular. And now, for your viewing pleasure:

  2. I was a Girl Scout and my girls were both Girl Scouts. Great times were had by all :)

  3. I was a Brownie and went onto Girl Scouts too, selling the cookies was so much fun and it is a great organization - but this post reminded me that I have to thank my mom next time we speak for all her help delivering cookies with me and helping me get where or what I needed while working on my badges. Hope your mom recovers quickly.

  4. I so believe in the Girl Scouts ... I was one for about 8 years or so and so many opportunities -- including (one year) a garage full of cookies because my mom was the "cookie mom" for that year. I sold more cookies that year than any other because of family members sneaking into the garage and taking boxes. We had to buy all "unaccounted for" boxes and there were a lot.

    Glad to hear your mom seems to be doing better and getting back into what she enjoys!


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