Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Attacks

(With apologies to Mars Attacks.for the title.)

Tuesdays seem to attract insane weather forecasts this time of year on the plains. Last week we had the spring blizzard, followed by warm weather so all the snow was gone in a day or two. Today it was cool all day and there was a nippy north wind making it feel even colder. I couldn't resist checking the weather forecast and it has snow tonight clearing to cold on Wednesday followed by a major wind and snow storm for the weekend. It must be close to April on the plains!

A while back I promised to revisit the lack of sexual searches landing people on this site. As I expected, writing about it caused a skew of the droppees toward the sex queries. I have been tempted to do a post featuring variants of "that certain part of the male anatomy" and its female counterpart just to see how it would drive traffic. Back a few years ago when I followed such things in detail, searches for things sex related were more than a third of all searches and appreciably more during certain hours of the day. I suspect it says more about the human condition than about the level of purience of the users of search. After all, there is a reason that the primal drives are usually listed as food, shelter, and sex. (And usually not necessarily in that order.) For those who are curious, the original post is here.

With out further ado, I give you the revised top ten query list  that drives traffic from Google to this site:
  • googlesex - What can I say? People that omit punctuation can end up in very unsatisfying places when they search. Google kindly deposited them here and here most often. Note that Google took the places where I had the phases like "Google, Sex" and "Google sex" and made them a hit for googlesex. For a good time, click here to see who owns the domain name googlesex.com. Nothing like being one of the 36,079 domains owned by Google. {*grin*} 
  • googlesex vedio - Not only do they omit the spaces, they can't spell video either. But they were all dumped here by Google. Note the overlap with the phrase in the number one position?
  • "comfort memories" - An old standby that moved up the ranks from last tme. 
  • "in retrospect, I wouldn't say" - A new riser on the list, related to this post.
  • "the course of high school" - Yet another riser from this post.
  • robert reed - One mention of him being a veteran author led to the legions of his fans finding my words. At least I assume it was due to this post.
  • art innocence death - What a strange juxtaposition! And how it got people to this post is a complete mystery to me.
  • art two bicycles love - Another puzzler. Google dumped the readers here, but why I don't know.
  • best sexi cartoon art - This seems to have come via the bogerella pointer back to this site from long ago. I think when they moved to their new how, the blasted all the past posts out in readers and that evidentally temporarily raise the rating of this site. That's the best guess I can come up with.
So how is your site being read from the search engines? What do your analytics tell you? Inquiring minds want to know.

Jenners has suggested via email that a post on how search engines work would be of interest. Is anyone else interested?

Off to bed to since I have to head for the radio show in the early in the morning.


  1. Okay, I'm so interested. How do you find this stuff out? Do I need to sign up for Google Analytics?

  2. Google analytics or any of the other traffic tracking services can supply the information. I use Google analytics simply because it is easiest on Blogger (also owned by Google).

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  4. That's one fine Google "header" you've found there. Did they post it on Hugh Hefner's 80th birthday? Sure... a search engines expose would be great. You are such a touchy-feely techie :)

  5. Exactly how do search engines work? I'm curious now...

  6. Loves Jenners so I'm way interested lol the search terms are too funny

  7. I suggested that? Tells you how bad my memory is. But I would like to know! I guess the benefit of a bad memory is that everything is new again.

    loved this post. I want to try one of my own. It is just funny. Love that button!


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