Monday, March 2, 2009

The S in Sucker

Ever had one of those days that puts the s in sucker? Today was one of those days for me.

It was beautiful outside, 72 degrees and calm. (And still no real winter here.) The forecast for the next few days is warm but extremely windy. So today was the day to be outside and catching some early spring rays. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out that way. Everybody in creation wanted to talk to me today. My first call came in at 8am and the last after 8pm. Everything from meetings to planning to important to bitching to just wanting to blither on. So Molly and I did not get to enjoy the warmth and sun together. (Molly at least got a nice nap laying in the backyard in the sun - I really wanted to join her.) At least it was a good celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday.

I've always wondered in the back of my mind if political office isn't something more compatible with the female temperament than the male one (in a politically incorrect generaliztion). It seems that it can eat me alive when I am pelted with problem after problem and there isn't a thing I can do about them. Somehow the talk and talk until we all feel better method so popular amidst the women of my acquaintance just doesn't work for guys like me. When guys hear a problem, we want to fix it deep down in our guts. Many times the person with the problem doesn't actually want us to fix the problem or realizes that we can not fix it. They just want someone to listen and say "yes" and "I see" at the appropriate places. That can be very hard to do in a marriage and is even harder in politics. It is hard to shed that inner turmoil demanding that you fix the problem and then just let it go.

Sometimes you just want to scream and then put your head in the sand. That doesn't seem like it would help much, but it certainly sounds attractive on a day like today. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. Yes we can talk and talk until we all feel better BUT there are a lot of hurt feelings, emotional outbursts and such before the feel better part gets there..sometimes it sucks...sorry you had a bad day. Hope today is better :)

  2. Sorry to hear of your dilemna. Senor, the school superintendent - maintains that whatever he does, it's always wrong. It goes with the territory... Sounds a bit like your situation. He's very good at his job, and seems to weather bad days pretty well. I guess that's why God created high blood pressure medication.

  3. I am the opposite of most women in this regard, and JUST posted about this fix it issue. I'd rather get in there and fix it and be done with it! Too often I find that people are too quick to mindlessly nod at me instead of offering a way to fix it (in case I haven't already figured it out myself)

    p.s. I'm not sure if it's me or your stubborn blog but it refuses to let me comment with my Google (aka Blogger) account - I have to comment with my name and URL. Just thought I'd let you know...I hold no hard feelings ;)

  4. Please send some of that sunshine our way! I'm tired of the cold! I'm trying to suck it up before I move to humidity central.

  5. I do think that men like to solve the problem and not talk about it and women just want to talk about it because they already know what they want to do ... unless they don't! My husband and I constantly struggle with this. He gives me suggestions and I say "I just want you to say you are on my side -- not tell me what to do!" But your need to fix things probably makes you a good mayor!

  6. This post sums up the biggest communication problem between my husband and me.
    I just want him to listen as I complain about my day, maybe saying "I don't know how you do it!" and he wants to fix, fix, fix it.
    Glad to hear it is a universal gender issue, and not a personal one.
    I hope that today is better! I promise to not call with MY problems at least! :)

  7. I would think people would call for you to fix a problem, not just listen to them. How odd?

    Maybe, I'm just naive. If I were to ever call my town hall it would be with a problem...that I wanted fixed....

    Sunny and 72. How wonderful. I'm looking forward to that weather again.


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