Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Still Here

I know! I didn't post yesterday, nor have I been able to comment on the blogs I follow for the last couple of days. When you replace the main interface machine, you can waste a lot of time trying to decide what to save and what to throw away to the bit bucket.

I finally decided (after booting 5 different linux distros) to go with openSUSE for the moment. (And I preserved at least some of my old XP environment by installing it into a VirtualBox VM.) So now that your eyes are glazing over and you are wondering what the blank the idiot is talking about, I'll mosey on into the real post. (See - patience is a virtue!)

Today was a day of massive weather shift. This weekend, L and I got to enjoy mid 70's both days, but then this morning the winds began howling and it spit a bit of rain. It never got above 45 all day and by afternoon it was below freezing with 50 to 80 mile and winds. I hate this kind of day because the windows rattle and anything outdoors feels like you are being chopped to death with little itty bitty blades. Needless to say, Molly was not overjoyed with the winds ruffling her coat amidst her mope over the departure of L early this morning for the mountains.

It was windy enough that Mom called from the nursing home and suggested I not bother to venture over to see her today. It wouldn't have been a problem; I only live about four blocks from the nursing home where she is. I think it really had more to do with the fact that I'll have to be packing all of her stuff up to bring over to her house tomorrow when she gets to escape back home. Although she'll be pretty much house bound for the next 6-8 weeks, she clearly can't wait to get back to *her* home. Can't say that I blame her.

In other pressing news, I'm sure you will all be overjoyed to note that the vote came out in favor of keeping the the dubious LinkWithin widget at the bottom of the posts. The end result was 66% in favor of keeping the widget, 33% didn't care, and no one voted to remove. So evidently some people like it and some don't care, but no one was annoyed enough to want to see it go away.

My own suspicion is that 90% of the readers of this blog read via a reader like Google Reader or Bloglines or ... and only click through to comment. That is backed up by the stats that say I get ~60 page views a day but closer to 150 subscriptions to the two feeds that come off this page. Thus they don't care about the widget since they only see it when they are interested enough to comment. What do you think?

Along those same lines you'll remember a while back I was disappointed about the paucity of sex searches landing visitors here at this site. Well, I may have interesting changes to report next time.  
(What A tease I am.) 

Well, off to get notes ready for the council meeting tomorrow night since it will be a long day tomorrow, what with getting move moved and settled.  


  1. Wow... too much techno talk for me. More on sex searches would be helpful however... {wink wink} Is there a GPS for that?

  2. You lost me at Linux distros...but I'm guessing your computer is finally working. I did get that much. And I'm glad your mom is going to get to come home soon! Woohoo! And I'm excited to see what your sex search quest turned up ... and why!!

  3. I read you from my dashboard even though you are on my homepage too lol Sorry to hear about the shifting weather but glad your momma gets to go home :)

  4. I got a comment from someone who said they found my blog by entering sex and chocolate..which is weird because though I frequently mention chocolate I don't know how the other got attached. I'd like to know how the search engines generate their results, but I just never have time to read up on it all. You seem to have alot of knowledge in the arena so if your ever bored out of your mind and want to blog on it, I bet it'd be interesting.


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