Friday, March 20, 2009

A Late Quicky

This will be a quick post since I am struggling to avoid strangling a computer that runs everything OS fine except for Windows XP. And then it just kicks up its heels and dies. Actually I suspect it is more the SATA disk controller than anything else. XP is old enough not to have deep grained support for SATA so it may be time to say goodbye to XP forever and start running one of my favorite Linux distributions on it.

Tomorrow evening is the annual city employee appreciation banquet. It's always interesting. Municipal employees tend to be somewhat clique driven by department. I.e. the sanitation people don't hang with the street people who don't hang with the water treatment people who ... So you end up with a lot of smaller groups that sort of ignore each other. And of course the temporary blips on the radar like the city council members are usually given a bit of a cold shoulder as well. (I suspect more from awe than from dislike. Just kidding!) It's interesting because we used to give awards and service pins and associated spiels, etc. The employees finally stood up and admitted they'd much rather just have a a good supper with casual dress and no hot air from the likes of me. So that is what we have done for the past several years and it really seems to work better and be considerably less boring.

It was close to 70 again today, so Molly and I took our walk later in the day to enjoy the twilight. Sometime in the next few days it is going to turn cold again. The forecast for Tuesday has a high of 40 and possible snow and rain. Of course that means believing the weather people are going to get it right; here in Colorado that is a rare occurrence. When L and I used lived in LA, we always joked about how it paid to be a weather person in an area where you could see all the weather coming at you from huge distances and the only question was sunny or real sunny. (It all came in from the Pacific Ocean with no land features to change it for hundreds of miles as it rolled in.) Made them look like paragons of accuracy. You don't get the same luxury when there are mountains and huge land masses that heat and cool to drive the vertical circulation.

Back to the recalcitrant computer. It was the last of the machines here running a Microsoft OS natively, but that may be over soon. Don't do anything I wouldn't.


  1. wish it was close to 70 again here...we had a reaser 70 day then back down to 30 again the next...yuck!

  2. Warm spring weather... what a joy!! We're in high sugaring mode here in New England. Nights in the teens and warm sunny days. Anything's better than winter!!

  3. It was close to 80 here today :) just the way I like it

  4. I hope the dinner went well and everyone enjoyed each other!


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