Friday, March 13, 2009

Blogversation - Show & Tell

Summer from Le Musings of Moi is hosting the Saturday Blogversation again this week. The topic is the rather open ended Show and Tell. The instructions are to pick something to show off to your friends just like the old days of grade school and vlog about it. So without further ado, here is the highly awaited video premier (on this blog anyway) of my bragging point for the day:

Before you ask why I have that rather dyspeptic expression on my face, realize that there was a group of people standing behind the camera making faces to see if they could make me laugh. I was never so happy to finish a spiel in my life. Good editing removed me sticking my tongue out at them.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of the area. Most of the video was taken in the late spring / early summer and was produced to promote the area. I encourage you to visit the Sterling web site  for further information and videos (the normal home of the above video is here.) By the way, the sculpture shown in the video is by local artist and sculptor Bradford Rhea.  He is the sculptor who was commissioned to create President Clinton's gift to His Holiness John Paul II in 1993. You can read about the experience here.


  1. oh come on! you look great! you've got a beautiful little (and boy, does it look little!) town! but if i am being honest, at one point, i could kind of see you trying to suppress a laugh.

    we will have to discuss small town colorado sometime. i lived in loveland for 6 months a few years ago.

    i guess summer's sleeping in? she doesn't have her linky up yet.

  2. Now I want to move.

    Not really, but if I was going to, that would surely be a place I would love to check out.


  3. What a treat to see you in action! You're much more of a hottie than your frozen grizzly avatar would indicate.

    Sterling with its beautiful countryside and vibrant community life - and the politics that go with it - reminds me of many of our New Hampshire towns. Nice PR piece, although you're right, you could have smiled a bit more. ;)

  4. That's it...the sculpture sold me. I'm moving to Sterling. ;-)

  5. Well Dan, it was good to finally see YOU :) Sterling looks beautiful and I love that closing picture of the sun! So pretty!

  6. Hey!!! Theat's really great! It's was nice to get to see you in such a cool way :O) Sterling looks like my town in a way too. Beautiful!

  7. Sterling looks beautiful! It seems like the perfect small town :)

  8. Well, I'm packing my bags and heading to Sterling! I have a slight "in" with the mayor! Neat to see you in "real life." You do kind of look like your avatar! : )


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