Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Have a Winner

I just saw that McCain has conceded to Obama and they are awaiting Obama's speech. I can't say that I am surprised - I felt that Obama expressed a vision (and had the better oratorical skills) whereas McCain merely reacted. People in crisis are always more in favor of visionaries than those who merely react.

One thing I liked was that McCain's concession speech was classy, complementary, and heartfelt. It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard him make. I hope that Obama and McCain can work well with each other in the coming years. It might help heal some rifts.

Obama's victory speech reminded me a bit of some of Martin Luther King's speeches. It wasn't his best speech, but it was a good speech none the less. The problem with victory speeches is that you have to thank so many people - the loser doesn't have quite the same onus to thank the troops.

And best of all? The blasted telephone calls  and negative tv ads will stop!

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  1. I wasn't surprised by the outcome, but it's not exactly what I had hoped for. I too am happy that the campaign and all the high school drama that went with it is over... hopefully.

    (via NoBloPoMo)


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