Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blustery Saturday

Today the wind was howling and the weather was cool. Our compatriots to the northwest in Wyoming and to the west in the Colorado mountains got snow and ice, but no snow here. Just cool and blustery weather that made you wish it would get over its pique and just snow already.

For some reason I also couldn't get inspired by the football games on TV today. Maybe it was a sense of "I don't carism" for the dregs of what the BCS is becoming this year. Maybe it was just that none of the games involved a team near and dear to my heart. Maybe it is just sadness that my alma mater had a perfectly disastrous season this year - they went 0 for. They got beat by every team they played. You have to understand that during my youthful years we were often 11-0 and vied for the Lambert Trophy for football supremacy in the east. Now, ... I hope that the current coach (who was a player during my last year) can bring the program back to its former levels.

Maybe my blahs for today are due to the fact that my lovely wife will be leaving early tomorrow and I'll be batching it again. On a strange note, she will be back next Friday because she has a jury summons for ... wait for it ... municipal court for next Friday. Just to be clear - I didn't do it. The municipal judge may indeed be one of only three direct employees of the Mayor and City Council, but I have nothing to do with jury selection. (For the curious, the direct employees of the Mayor/City Council are the municipal judge, the city attorney, and the city manager. All other city employees are indirect and report officially through chains headed by the aforementioned three.)

Oh well - time to go see if there is more of the Thanksgiving pie hiding out in the refrigerator. And maybe the Oklahoma versus Oklahoma State game will heat up a bit more.


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