Friday, November 14, 2008

On the Other Hand

I had to appear early this morning for a teleconference about some emergency preparation stuff and had a chance to visit with the local community college president while we waited for the conference to start. He was also in attendance at the play last night. Given my quasi-review of David Ives ' All in the Timing of yesterday, I thought some of you might be interested in his reaction to the production.

He was able to give a different prospective since he had his grade/middle school aged son and daughter with him last night. His first comment was that although he was sure a lot of the literary, scientific, and mathematical references went right by them, they still thought it was a funny. They just interpreted the humor on a different level. For example, they took the ice axe stuck in the head of Trotsky as sight gag - and thought it was funny. I suspect that may be the mark of a good playwright - he/she can entertain and get the message across to a wide range of audience backgrounds. It is a skill I have often admired but seldom evinced.

The president himself had a similar reaction to the play as I did. He
*knew* there was something he should remember about Trotsky's death, but couldn't quite connect it in his mind. He was planning to look up the details this morning after our teleconference. I pointed him to the Time article and left it at that. We'll see what he has to say on Monday since I have another meeting he will be at then.

On the other hand, he was completely taken aback by one of the actors in the production. He has the actor in a philosophy class he is teaching this term. (He decided to teach a class this term just to be sure he had a handle on the issues his faculty face day-to-day.) He said "the young man has never said a word in class discussions and even one on one, getting him to talk is like pulling eye-teeth." Thus he was shocked to discover this young man starring as Trotsky in 
"Variations on the Death of Trotsky and as Alan in "The Philadelphia ". Both very outgoing, voluble, and extroverted roles. It yielded a completely different view of the young man's personality and abilities.

Other than that the day was one of usual hassles. It was a good day to be inside since the
NWS Wind Warning was in effect again. I'm convinced that there must have been a change in policy, they didn't use to issue warnings for 40-50 mph winds. The cold front dropping in from the north was evidently in a hurry. My own view is that it could have detoured to Nebraska and I would not have been disappointed. At least it is supposed to be back into the 50's by Sunday.

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