Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good Friends

Yesterday, with the downer of the upchucking dog and other such wonders that one hopes to forget, was a wart on the toad of life. Except! Except that a good friend that I haven't spent much time with in the last month called and said let's go out to eat. Sort of like a lifeline to save the week. And so we did indeed go out for Chinese this evening and it was good.

It is all too easy to lose the connection with friends in the hassles of day to day life. Just being able to sit down with my friend and his SO and enjoy the conversation on a breadth of topics was so relaxing and uplifting. Given that I live the bachelor life during the week (well, I don't *think* the Molly the dog can be considered my mistress in *that* sense), I have a tendency to  withdraw into my computers. The day to day tasks as mayor keep me out and about, sometimes to the limits of my sociability and beyond, but do not do anything to assuage that deep need that true friendship satisfies. It's sort of like an itch you didn't know you had until after you scratched it. And then it feels so good you cannot figure out why you didn't scratch it long ago. It was that kind of a relaxing evening. I hope you all remember to scratch your itches in a timely manner.

Here's to good friends who remember to scratch your itch even when you haven't realized it needed scratched!

(I don't know who to credit for this picture. If you know, leave a comment.)

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  1. OMG that pic of the dogs is so funny! I was in Brush earlier this week, actually, and there WAS a copy shop but it was closed, LOL. I am used to it at this point, I actually like the smaller towns and the people there. I did once spend almost a week in Sterling for a trial there, though!


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