Monday, February 7, 2011

Here We Go Again

After being tolerable for a few days, the cold is returning with a vengeance. The temperature has been dropping at more than 10 degrees an hour, the wind whipping at 25 mph, and snow trying to come down rather than blow around. It was in the 40s today, but it is now below 10heading for subzero. Let's hear it for the return of the cold! Tomorrow is scheduled for highs in the 5-10 degree range with winds to 40 mph. Late winter on the high plains. Nothing like it for variability.

In other news, another Super Bowl has come and gone. I can remember the original game - it was viewed by many of us as a self promo akin to the Billy Jean King/ Bobby Riggs tennis matches that would come later. Now it has grown into a behemoth that takes over the land of TV and sports for a day. Who'd a thunk it?
Somehow I find the Super Bowl a bit anticlimactic unless one of my favorite teams is in it. Needless to say, neither Pittsburgh or Green Bay fall into that category. But I did like the way Green Bay played and was a bit surprised at the apparent nerves shown by Pittsburgh. We had the MIL over and ate burgers and chips and commented on the ads - which in my opinion were not as creative this year. Oh well. Time to go into full football withdrawal. What will I watch with no more football on?


  1. We're also seeing a major temperature drop here too. This past weekend, the weather was actually hinting at an early spring. Apparently it was just a tease since it's suppose to get really cold this week with a fairly good chance of rain.

    Not a big football fan myself but the guys in my office were watching the game via slingbox. What can I say? We work hard for our money :)

  2. This time of year is a pain because it's so back and forth until Spring finally settles in. Today is warm and sunny here, but tonight it's all supposed to change and we're expecting snow in a day or two. Go figure.

  3. You should go check out my latest "blizzard" post. Yes, we got snow down here in the deep south! I think you'll enjoy the chuckle.


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