Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Day That Was

Today was a day of meetings and odd phone calls. In between trying to keep the sifting powder snow off the walk so people could make it in to the meeting and having it continue to sift back in and getting a whole spate of wrong number calls that wouldn't believe that I was not named Steve, it was an interesting day. I'm considering offering snow gliders at the curb and changing my name to Steve. What do you think?

On top of that, it is currently about 1 degree with a slight breeze outside. Just cool enough that Molly the wonder dog is only laying on her back in the snow with her legs akimbo for 15 minutes at a time rather than hours. It always amazes me that she will lay there in the cold with her fur flying in the wind and give me this look that says "What? Me come in? No way." Sort of like the way she likes to use her nose to make big snow mounds so that she can lay on them and survey the snow for signs of action. I suspect some of that is from the Husky that is mixed in with her Border Collie.

Now that Molly has deigned to come in, she is laying at my feet and snoring as I write. I envy my dog's life at times. Getting fed, drinks on demand, a doorman to let her in and out, and the ability to drop off to sleep at any time. When does my life get that good? Maybe when I look this good?


  1. Keep dreaming for a life as good as your dog. I'm thinking reincarnation as a dog doesn't sound all that bad: either you end up with someone like you who treats you royally or you starve and die quickly (and start all over, of course).

  2. I'm telling ya, they have it made.

  3. Molly definitely has a life worthy of envy :) Wonder what she thinks of her own life...


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