Monday, February 28, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Did you waste the time and effort to watch the "Worst Show On Earth" (otherwise known as the Oscars)?  From all the reviews and rants I have seen, this years show reached new depths of bad. It would seem that a group dedicated to excellence in entertainment should be able to do better.

I have to admit that I did not watch the Oscars. Instead, Molly and I were busy vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpets. Of course, that led to Molly being very unhappy with me. At first only because she got tired of running from the noise of the machines and then because everyplace she went to lay down and rest on the carpet was damp. Pretty much the story of my life - do something good and make the ladies unhappy. {*grin*}

Earlier in the day, Molly was exhibiting her regal prerogatives, scanning for signs of the squirrels she so wants to herd.

She spent hours scanning back and forth, just hoping to spot one of the little miscreants to sprint after. I have to admit that there are times I would happily join her in pursuing them. Just last week the power flashed off as one of them fried themselves on the power lines. You can tell that spring is approaching because the squirrels are coming out to frolic and fry. Goes right along with the tulips emerging and Molly shedding slightly less. All the traditional signs of spring. {*grin*}

Time to get to work (and move all the furniture back to where it belongs).


  1. I have never seen a squirrel fry on the electric line. I didn't even know that happened!

  2. I think I stopped watching the Oscars when I stopped watching movies. Which would be when we moved to Japan 4 years ago. Wow, that's kinda depressing now that I think about it.

    Squirrels frying on power lines....definitely an interesting sign of spring. Hope it doesn't give off a burnt smell in the air!

  3. Ah, yes, fried squirrel in the morning. I haven't thought about that in years but it used to happen to us in Florida as well.

    You certainly didn't miss anything not watching the Oscars. The best part was a very short clip of Bob Hope hosting them many years ago.


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