Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy ...

... whatever day. It was originally supposed to be Happy Valentine's Day, but then I was awoken at 3:30 this morning to inglorious sound of Molly the wonder dog retching by my ear. One of the joys of pet ownership is the occasional gift of upchuck, be the pet a dog or cat. I just wish it didn't happen while I was sound asleep. By the time it was all cleaned up and the carpet cleaned, I was wide awake. At least it wasn't hidden like kitty cats tend to do. {*grin*} For some reason, cleaning up after the dog brought to mind the days of the Son's infancy from long ago when we would undergo poop containment system failure. You know, when the onsie has both legs full and the only sane method of recovery is the emergency shower as you peel the onsie off. Odd how the mind will connect unrelated scenarios like that.

Getting back to Valentine's Day, L and I have been together and celebrating the day in our own low key way for 39 years now. We met the first day of sophomore year of high school in 1969 and didn't start dating until the fall of 1971 - not due to a lack of effort on my part. The first time I asked her out, she said she couldn't because her grandparents were in town and then showed up at the event I asked her to sans grandparents. Needless to say, it was a couple of years later that we actually went on a date. The rest is history - much to the concern of her parents at the time. I think they got really tired of flicking the porch light off and on when I'd bring L home from a date and we'd sit in the car talking for hours in front of their house.

This Valentine is for you, L. I miss the days when we could spend hours cuddling and talking about anything and nothing without life getting in the way. May we return to those days in the future.
Nothing like a little scientific humor to go with the sentiment of the day. (You do recognize Charles Darwin, don't you?) (You can find this and other scientist Valentines over at Ironic Sans.)


  1. Oh no!! That's a terrible way to wake up -- but it happens sometimes. Thank goodness our little furry friends bring us so much love and happiness. That more than makes up for all the nastiness we have to clean up on occasion :)

  2. Is there a chance you two will be together on a daily basis in the not so distant future?

  3. you always make me smile. Loved the Valentine

  4. Happy belated Valentine's to you and L! That's such a sweet story about the two of you when you were in your teenage years.


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