Monday, February 14, 2011

Growing Exponentially

And no, the question is not "What is my waistline doing?" {*grin*}

Along with all the publicity about running out of IPv4 addresses, how many of you caught on to the near exponential growth of the beast called the internet over the last 30 years? Given that I was assigned my first domain name in the eighties when there were only a few of machines connected, I have seen it happen and lived to tell the tale. Sometimes it has amazed me and other times it has seemed like the most obvious of things.

What do I mean? Consider the following data points:

Year Number of Internet Connected Devices
1984 1000
1992 1 million
2008 1 billion
2010 5 billion
2020 50 billion (est.)

Who would have thought that an academic/DARPA experiment to go beyond dial-up store and forward systems would grown into such a monster. 1985 was the year the very first .com domains were issued ( was the very first in 1985). Most companies saw no purpose to registering a domain name back in the good old days. All the hoopla would come later.

So my question for you is how many devices in your home and on your person are connected to the internet right now? I come up with between 10 and 20 for me, depending on how you define device. (And no, my toaster is currently not connected to the internet!)


  1. Well, I'm at work now... But, at home, we have the following:

    1. Two laptops, sometimes 3 if I have my work one turned on.
    2. One PC
    3. Two eReaders w/ wiFi or 3G capability
    4. Four satellite receivers that can connect to the network
    5. Two cell phones w/ internet access
    6. Two handheld gaming systems w/ wifi
    7. An XBox 360 w/ Wifi

    Holy crap - that's 14 or 15 in my house alone. Gack!

  2. I'm not too bad because the kids are off at school. I have my laptop, desktop, Nook, and cell.

  3. Hmmmm...laptop, XBox 360, satellite, phone. I think that's it. Maybe?

  4. my laptop, my desktop, hubby's iphone, my phone, our wii....I think that's it for us.

  5. Actually, we don't have as many as I thought. We have my husband's 2 laptops, my desktop, my laptop, iphone, cell phone, tv, PS3 and my husband's PSP. E's still too young for techie devices but I'd imagine that the numbers will increase once she reaches an age where she'd want her own electronic devices :)


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