Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Have I Been So Scarce Of Late?

When even my MIL remarks that I don't seem to be blogging as much of late, it is pretty clear that the spottiness of posting has been noticeable. {*grin*}

One of the unfortunate facts about real life is that it can intrude on fun activities like blogging. The medical issues of adapting to insulin use, with its attendant occasional glucose drop outs, coupled with getting the inaugural version of a special event up and running, has left me a bit short on blogging time. Of course cantaloupes and melons have been in the way as well. {*grin*} I really and truly do hope to become a bit more diligent in the coming weeks. As part of that effort, I am posting in the middle of the day since the evening will be taken up with meetings.

So what inaugural event have I been getting ready to go?  A hint may be gleaned from this little bit of original art work:
But an even better hint of what I'm blithering on about might be gleaned from the full schedule of events, etc. The full flyer/entry form for the even looks like this (click to get the full pdf):
This is what I have been getting set up.

Each part has its own story. The artwork was the winner of a contest at the prison outside of town (where I occasional am the graduation speaker) in the commercial art training program and the T-shirt mentioned has the original artwork printed on it. The fashion show is part of the effort by the local Maurices store for their corporate sponsored Rescues & Runways program. This is also their first such event, so we are all learning about delays and frustrations together. The group that cusses together stays together is what I say. {*grin*}

Time to return to real work. I have to attend the city council meeting tonight on some other matters for our new facility construction, so I need to get some stuff prepared.


  1. I hope your medical stuff gets to be easier to deal with, and the art looks great.

  2. The flyer does look great. Hope you have a good week Dan!

  3. I really like the flyer. It looks great. Here's hoping your medical issues become easier to deal with.


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