Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Long Old Friend

Seiko Wrist Watch
Came to live with me - September 1973
Departed to the great hourglass in the sky - September 2010

I knew it would happen some day, but I hoped it would not be so soon. My faithful watch now stares at me with the vacant gaze of the dearly departed. I thought it was simply a dead battery at first, but changing the battery had no discernible effect. I am forced to face the dread alternative that it has gone to the great hour glass in the sky.

This watch was only the second "serious" watch of my life. It was a replacement for the first "serious" watch, the one that was broken in the fatal accident I wrote about here. My wonderful Seiko has served me well all these years with nary a bit of trouble. It was on my wrist when L and I got married. It suffered through my PhD. orals with me. It calmly kept track of the universe when the Son was born and my grandfather died. It witnessed the death of both my father and father-in-law. It saw me through three terms as Mayor and innumerable rounds of golf. It lived a long and useful life, long enough to warrant a page in the book of rare digital watches, a fitting accolade for a 37 year old digital watch. And now it is gone.

Farewell old friend. You served me well. I hope you enjoy your rest.


  1. I will pay it respect with a moment of silence tonight. Sorry for your loss.

  2. Your watch was one year younger than me! LOL I hope you find one that lasts just as long.

  3. Holy cow, that was a RELIABLE watch! I'm gonna go out and buy me a Seiko.


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