Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Simple Question

Tonight I have but one simple question. Why am I dressed like this and where am I?

P.S. Remember that I warned you long ago of my propensity for loud Hawaiian shirts and farmer tans. So no complaints about the shirt!

P.P.S. The location is in Colorado.


  1. Hmmm... I have no idea. But I love the shirt! :)

  2. Hmm, I don't have a clue as to where you are but I'm going to make a guess anyway. Are you at one of L's work functions again? Must be an after conference party that has a Hawaiian them :) Either that or you're celebrating Halloween really early this year.

  3. Fantasy Island??? Love Boat??? Not sure, but you look happy :)

  4. You are at a secret location and going to channel some ancient Hawaiian God to help the Broncos have a winning season this year?

  5. I have NO idea but it looks like fun :)


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