Monday, September 20, 2010

Garden Weather

The weather here abouts has started turning odd as fall gets ready to set in. Saturday it reached a high in the 50s and was down right chilly Saturday night. Then today it reached the mid-80s and tomorrow it is predicted to hit the upper 90s or lower 100s - depending on when the thunderstorms roll in. Pretty much typical weather for this time of year around here. The problem is that one day it will be nice and warm and then by that evening it will have fallen to the 20s and that will be it for growing things. Thats life.

Right now we still have some cantaloupe ripening in the garden and a whole lot of honey dew melons. It is becoming questionable if they will beat the reaper and ripen before the frost. The rest of the peppers and egg plants and tomatoes are just about done. The second planting of turnips and radishes are coming up - and since they like the cool ground they will probably be fine. The beans and cucumbers and zucchinis are all but finished. The last of the acorn squash are still on the vine and the hard shelled squash are mostly done. The onions have been pulled and cured and stored. In other words, the garden is starting to wind down. That means it is time to start thinking of next year. {*grin*}

Maybe I need to think about growing all the ingredients to one of these:
What do you think?


  1. Wow, those are some crazy temperature differences. I don't know how you keep from getting sick.

  2. Do you know what all the vegetables and fruit are in the picture? It is a clever picture!

  3. Crazy weather we're all having, huh?

    That's one fun looking vegetable creation you got there :) Definitely takes the whole idea of playing with your food to a new level :)


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