Monday, August 23, 2010

The Prodigal Returns

and leaves you wondering what the heck he was thinking. {*grin*}

I finally got a chance to look at my Google Reader today - only 937 unread posts! For those whom I owe a comment or two, the reading and subsequent commenting is in progress. Be patient.

This is a busy season. The garden has been going wild with cantaloupe and muskmelon and Honey Dews. So every few days I  wade through the melon patch picking the ripe ones before they get too ripe and literally explode. But boy are they tasty!

I'll leave you with the mental image of me gobbling cantaloupe with every meal and this odd thought. The other night I was listening to a German radio station via the net and it brought forth the memory of constructing my first radio - a tube and transistor hybrid shortwave set from a kit. That let me listen to the world, intermittently and weather permitting. Now all I do is choose my station from amidst thousands to play with great fidelity via my computer. Yet I still miss the thrill of finally tuning in that elusive show after weeks of trying. The really odd thought is how much hidden technology has to function perfectly for me to listen to the station over the net. More and more what once was hard becomes easy - but it depends on a boatload of invisible technology to work. What is going to happen if the technology ever fails in a big way?


  1. That joy of discovery is lost in today's technology ease of making connection. I see what you mean. Enjoy that cantaloupe. Wish I had a piece :)

  2. Welcome back, but 937 is a bit scary.

    I am thinking their would be mass panic and rioting in the streets if folks could not log into Facebook and access Farmville for more than 2 hours.

  3. You have me craving cantaloupe now... yum :)

  4. Wow, you must be having a big melon smorgasbord with all those melons of yours :)

    Technology is a scary thing. I think the fact that it's making things easier for us these days give it more control over us. Someday, we're all going to forget how to do things in the pre-technology days and that's when technology will fail us and we will be lost.

  5. I don't envy you all those melons. SOME melon is great but there is this point; kind of like zucchini! I've been there!

  6. You had me thinking of you enjoying some melon, but then I saw your furiously constructing radio after radio!


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