Monday, August 9, 2010

Serendipity and Other Oddities

I was hit over the head with a clear case of serendipity on Saturday evening. I was sitting at my computer, contemplating what to fix for supper when my phone rang. The conversation that followed had certain Kafkaesque properties.

Me: Hello.
Mom: What time are you coming over for supper? It's getting late.
Me: I didn't know I was coming over for supper.
Mom: Oh, well maybe we didn't actually discuss supper. It was when we talked about you coming over to do some gardening today.
Me: Well, I didn't come over this morning because of the rain last night. But what is this about supper?
Mom: I thought we'd agreed that you were coming over for supper tonight.
Me: I don't remember that discussion, but I was just sitting here contemplating what to fix for supper when you called.
Mom: Well, you'd better get over here. I have the zucchini patties almost done and the steak ready to toss in the iron skillet.
Me: Okay, I'll be right over.

Do you ever have the solution to your quandaries appear out of the blue like that?  Isn't it neat when it does? (Thanks, mom!)

Time to get back to comforting Molly. The thunder and lightning has had her spending all afternoon and evening glued to me. The earlier lightning storm was strong enough to blow out the local cell towers. It only took them a couple of hours to get cell service back up and running. (One of the advantages of fiber optics to the door is that lightning is not a problem. So I could surf and email the whole time.) Now it is just putting up with the continuous warnings for the severe thunder storms and the tornado warnings blaring over all the TV programs. Makes TV seem really boring and pointless. Maybe it is time to go watch TV online. {*grin*}


  1. That's quite a funny conversation you had with your mom :) Good thing she called you before you decided on what to do for dinner!

    Yea, i like it when things like that happen to me too. Saves me the trouble of having to find a solution on my own. Too bad it doesn't happen often :)

  2. Good thing you talked to her at that time! You don't want cold zucchini patties ruining her night. LOL.

  3. Oooh, that worked out perfectly! And it sounds delicious... What are these zucchini patties?? I love zucchini but have never heard of making patties with it. I'll have to do some research :)

  4. Poor Molly! Hate it when you can't really comfort your animal (or kid for that matter); it makes me feel so totally powerless.

  5. That's fantastic!

    One time I was at work and I said that I wanted a white bookshelf. When I walked home there was a white bookshelf on the corner. I brought it home and I still have it.


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