Monday, August 2, 2010

That Was The Week That Was

Am I the only one here old enough to remember that TV show? (Even I remember it only from reruns on late night TV; it originally aired on the BBC way back in the early 60's. I seem to remember seeing it as late night filler on a Boston UHF station in the 70's.) In any case, it supplied a catchy title so the memory space it occupies in my mind is not totally wasted. For the insanely curious, go read the Wikipedia synopsis at That Was The Week That Was.

Last week I mentioned that I would write about the beautiful printer/scanner I won from the wonderful ladies of Aiming Low and HP. Late last week I finally got it unpacked and set up. (My delay was making it dangerously close to losing my tech geek card - true geeks must drop everything to play with any new piece of equipment!) Setup was trivial since it has built in wireless connectivity. And the photo prints are spectacular! Thank you Aiming Low and HP! Oh, it also looks pretty nifty as well:
Nothing like all black with a neat little touch screen to appeal to the tech geek in me.

L was home this weekend and we had the big thirtieth birthday party for my friend the writer to attend. A group of friends, great BBQ, two kinds of cake, and pie - the ideal way to say happy birthday. It doesn't seem possible that he is that old. I have known him since he was in high school and it just doesn't seem to be that long ago. (I suspect that is a symptom of aging - everything seems to have happened just a moment ago. When you are young, it seems like everything is yet to happen in the far distant future. The older you get, the faster things seem to happen.) In any case, Happy Birthday Bryson!

Time for Molly and I to head out for our walk. I think Molly will trust me by now. This morning it was time for her annual veterinary checkup and vaccinations.  She and I hopped in the truck went to the bank where the drive up clerk gave her a doggy biscuit. Molly thought that was pretty neat. Then we drove out to the clinic and Molly could smell all the dogs and cats and other critters in the gravel parking lot. That really excited her. She led me in the doors and sat with me in the waiting room. But when it came time to sit on the scale and she really didn't want to be still. But we got through it and into the exam room.

That was when all those things that she blames me for happened. The cold stethoscope to the chest, the thermometer up the rear, and of course the three shots. All while I am holding her against my chest and beginning to look like I sprouted a white fur coat from her shedding on me. We came home and she carefully spent most of the day sleeping across the room from me in my office, raising her head to be sure I wasn't up to another sneaky trick whenever I moved. By this evening she was willing to let by-gones be by-gones and was rubbing furballs all over my legs. So I think it is time for us to go. {*grin*}


  1. Aw, poor Molly! I probably would have punished you too. *grin*

  2. Wow. That is some fantastic printer. Congratulations on your win Dan! Awesomeness!

  3. Oooh, very cool printer. Congratulations!! And it sounds like y'all had quite the feast for that birthday party! You've managed to make me hungry! I'm craving BBQ now :)

  4. Poor Molly. But I love that the bank gave her a dog biscuit.

    Congrats on the printer/scanner win!!

  5. Congrats on the printer win--now that was a worthwhile contest to enter.

    Glad Molly has forgiven you. Our new addition has been to the vet twice and does not like standing still on the scale either--with so many other animals to pay attention to.

  6. Wow, cool printer! Fancy :) Congratulations on the win!

    Aww poor Molly. Well at least she doesn't have to go through this on a monthly basis, right? Pretty soon all will be forgotten and she will be back to her old self again :)


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