Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thumper Attacks!

Tonight Molly and I got started on our walk a bit late - we had to wait for me to go fix mom's electricity. For some reason she gets a little perturbed when her kitchen outlets and refrigerator quit working. {*grin*}

As Molly and I walked along, we passed near a stand of bushes. Suddenly there was the boom and squeals that signal the upset presence of a wild rabbit. Sure enough, there about 2 feet in front of us was a rather large doe working to get us to follow her. It has been hot and dry around here, so I suspect she moved her family to the bush near an irrigated lawn to solve the heat and water problem. In any case, she didn't want us to linger near the bush and was trying hard to decoy us into following her.

Molly was all in favor of a policy of hot pursuit. Nothing like a big squealing rabbit right in front of your nose to get you excited if you are a dog. I had to explain to Molly that if she actually did catch up to the doe, she would probably suffer grievous injuries. The first thing the doe would do is flop onto her back and use those big paws and strong back legs to break Molly's nose and then attempt to rip off her face, followed by sprinting away while Molly was distracted by the pain. I don't think Molly really believed me, but she was willing to continue on with our walk. Good enough. After all, some wild rabbits around here are really big:
(You can read all about this rabbit here.)

The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful until we started back to the house. The entire sky from horizon to horizon in the west was being lit up by lightning, fast approaching us. Which was pretty amusing given that looking in the other direction you could see the stars in the clear sky. Now if some of it would just yield some rain.

Time to go protect the garden from big bunnies. {*grin*}


  1. That's not a bunny, but a lap dog!

    The bunnies that come into my yard and eat my garden are no larger than that rabbit's ear. However, I do think it funny when rabbit's play or mate -- what's with the charging chest bumping they do. It makes me laugh.

  2. Oh dude! That bunny is gigantic! Wow, I'd be pretty freaked out and worried if I encountered something that large on my walk too.

  3. GOOD GRIEF!! I've never seen a bunny that big!! If I were Molly, I'd run too!! :)

  4. I had no idea bunnies could come in that size.

  5. That bunny is bigger than my two dogs together. lol


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