Monday, August 16, 2010

One Of Those Days

Today has been one of those days.

L headed back to the mountains this morning, which is always a bit sad.

The person working on the entry form for the Humane Society 5K Run and Pet Walk is no longer working for the hosting company. Of course I find out by the receptionist telling me over the phone that he is no longer with the company. At least it makes some sense for why it was taking him so long to get the form ready. I just wish they had let me know before it became a critical item on the event timeline.

Severe thunderstorm warnings started coming in by 2pm. By 3pm it was pouring rain. By 4:30pm, the alert sirens were wailing away with flash flood warnings. And of course it was then that the lightning started hitting nearby. Some of the bolts hit only a few hundred feet away and made such a boom that I literally leaped from my chair. (And of course Molly hasn't gotten even an inch away since the thunder began.)
And now, even as I write, patrol cars with loud hailer at full volume are driving up and down the streets announcing "We are under a tornado warning. Seek shelter now."

I think I'll go hide under the bed and sleep until tomorrow. Sounds a lot more appealing than the day has been so far.

(And no, the picture is not mine - it is by Fred Smith and appeared in Meteorology News)


  1. No way, I totally thought you took that shot. :)

  2. The story about the form designer just dropping your design is great. Makes 'Customer Service' really mean something doesn't it. Hope you & Molly don't get blown away by a tornado. Take care.


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