Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Century Mark

This is the 100th post on this blog. (Go ahead and count, I'll wait ... see I told you!) Yea me. Poor you.

The faux "yea me" is how I feel about the weather today. The winds came and the winds went, but mostly they stayed with the cold to make it feel downright nip out there. Wind chills were in the negative numbers all day and not a skiff of snow to show for it. There was snow to the west of us, but none out here in the valley. A good day to just curl up and do something indoors.

My temporary cap on my broken tooth from this post and this post finally disintegrated into a lot of shiny pieces of metal in my mouth this evening. It wouldn't be too bad, but the ground away part of the tooth is now exposed to the air and to temperature variations. Thank heavens the permanent cap is ready to be put on Monday morning bright and early. Chewing and hot and cold is right out the window for the next 24 hours. I figure if it really starts to hurt, I'll go drag my dentist out into the wind. Serve him right taking so long to get the permanent cap in place. One advantage of a small town is that I know where he lives, so it is hard for him to hide.

Tonight the wind has been swirling enough to bother Molly. So she has been going from window to window doing the whimper-woof thing that dogs do so well. I figure she is telling the bushes to hold it down out there. It must have tuckered her out because she is now sleeping at my feet as type this in. She looks a lot like a dead piece of road kill all splayed on her side. If you don't watch for the bellow of her sides, you might think she was dead. I've never been able to figure out how dogs and kids can be going 90 mph, running full tilt and then suddenly curl up and be out like a light bulb. I vaguely remember being able to do that many years ago, but the older I get the more things hurt and the harder it is to just drop off to sleep. How about you? This is Molly as I type. The black blob in the lower left corner is a piece of my leg

As a parting gift, here is the view by my keyboard. Note the piece of the broken cap circled in red (and a couple of old ring boxes from a bunch of stuff I am sorting through). I should have made it a mystery photo and asked people to identify what each item was. I might have had a poser given the poor quality of the picture and the oddity of the subject. Oh well, next time.


  1. With so much scrap metal flying about, I reckon the dog's got the right idea!

  2. Why is the metal just that big, but the place it came from feels like it could fit a whole football stadium?


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