Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

This morning was the normal weekly radio show. I didn't have a lot to say since the main topic for the week has been water rights. The EPA forced treatment of our water under the new standards will force us to waste (not use in any constructive way) at least 15% of the water we pump from the ground. That means that although we thought we had sufficient water rights to cover the projected growth in usage for the next 35 years, we now need to begin looking for more water to buy to cover our depletions much sooner. I know that people who don't live in the water short American West don't have a clue what I'm moaning about. Those who do are going "yup, been there and been burned by stupidity of easterner's laws before too."

One of the nice things about doing the radio show is that things here in "small town" have been pretty calm, so I don't get the raving lunatics calling in. It's more the attack of the rabidly apathetic - you can't get them to call for any reason. That means I get to blither on about topics of my own choosing. Sort of like rambling to your self on a blog - you don't know until later who was listening/reading and only then when they comment on it. For small market radio, the rule of thumb is that if you have 100 listeners, you will get around one comment in the next week. I wonder if there is a similar rule of thumb for comments on blogs. Have you heard of one?

Time to get on with cleaning up the kitchen. I left the dishes after supper and now have to do them before bed. I find that when I'm batching it, I have a tendency not to do things like the laundry and dishes if I don't do them right away. On the other hand, I'm enough of a neatnik that I can't stand having the mess sitting around. So I have this internal dialog going on in my head between the angel of neatness and the imp of sloppiness. Add to that the trio of me, myself, and I all babbling at each other and the conversations gets a bit hard to get a word in edgewise. And of course Molly the dog feels free to contribute here two barks as well. Which might explain why I'm so incoherent at times! {*grin*}

Speaking of raving lunatics, what is the one thing least likely to happen to a U.S. citizen on May 22? That was the question we used to give away the dozen donuts on the trivia show that follows my meandering on the radio. My pre-air prediction was < 3 minutes and 2 callers. I hit it on the nose. Leave your guess of the answer in the comments. I will include the answer in tomorrows blog entry.

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  1. Have a sighting of Halley's Comet? Celebrate Earth Day a month late? (... kind of in keeping with International Biodiversity Day.) Get a notice of investigation by the IRS? What?

    The imp and the angel... I think Freud would like it.


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