Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoying the warmth

Today was one of those odd really warm winter days here. It was in the low 40's until about 3pm when the winds died and the temperature climbed all the way up to 56. So that's when Molly and I went walking in the park. We saw many different dogs and people as everyone seemed to rush out to enjoy the nice. After all, the forecast for tomorrow is for a high in the low 20's with snow. It figures, since today melted the last of the old snow off the ground. Now that I have fulfilled my designated task of blithering on about the weather ...

Do you have an unexpected weakness for some forms of entertainment? I do. One of my guilty pleasures is oddball romantic comedies, the cornier the better. So of course I must note that TBS is showing "The Prince and Me". I haven't quite decided whether this movie is truly bad and corny enough to qualify as a guilty pleasure yet. It might just be that I like movies with Julia Stiles in them.

One of the things I find interesting is that one can become engrossed in a a corny romance like "The Prince and Me" , enjoy it, and even imagine it is a really good movie. But then all one has to do is see a few minutes of something like "Bringing Up Baby" or "Adam's Rib" with Katherine Hepburn to know that there is a difference between really good and merely entertaining. It would be interesting to hear what my young friend (any one younger than 30 qualifies as "young friend" as one gets older) has to say. He is a writer and film maker that usually has a pretty interesting take on such things. I know he reads this blog from time to time, so maybe he'll comment.

Enough for tonight, I need to get back to my guilty pleasures ...

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  1. Poetry seems to be my weakness at the present. We were watching "Cabaret" the other night and I found myself focussing on the rhymes in the songs.


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