Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thoughtful Tuesday

Last week I had to tell an organization that I could not accept their leadership position. It was not an easy decision, especially because it is an organization I have been involved with for years and believe in. I just didn't have the resources to commit to the task. And yet it still bothers me that I had to say no. I think it bothers me more than anything that I *know* I could help them meet their needs and goals.

Just so you can understand, the organization is the Boy Scouts. In yet another re-organization of territories, they have created a new district out here that includes much of eastern Colorado and parts of the panhandle of Nebraska. I was asked to become the District Chairman for the new district, a volunteer position comparable to president or director. I admit I thought long and hard about it. I have served for years on a local troop committee. L has driven the canoe trailer to many an event and even spent tropical deluges camping with the troop. I was a Boy Scout in the same local troop (albeit 40+ years ago) whose committee I now serve on. The Son was Boy Scout in the same troop. All these things conspired to made it really hard for me to say no.

In the end I just had to say no because I am unable to commit to the demands of the position at the current time. So my points after all the meandering around are:
     Have you ever had to turn down something similar?
     Did it bother you that you had to say no?

Time to get ready for the city council meeting.


  1. I think it was my great-great uncle who said, "Stress is when your gut says no and your mouth says yes."

  2. I've never really experienced this situation but I think it is best when you are able to say "no" when you realize that you can't really put the time and effort it deserves in.

    And can I just say, J. Cosmo Newbery's comment just cracks me up?


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