Sunday, January 4, 2009

Miscellaneous Sunday

Only 11 more hours until I am crowned - and no I don't mean becoming a member of royalty.

Talked to L today and she went ice skating. I'm betting she'll be stiff tomorrow since she hasn't been ice skating in years. It was a Girl Scout event. She went since she is on the state board of the Girl Scouts. She got to talking to some of the girls and mothers and they just kept skating around the lake again and again and ... until they went in to warm up. When she went back out to skate some more she realized how tired her legs were. So when I talked to her this evening they were already beginning to stiffen up. Something tells me that tomorrow morning will be interesting.

Molly and I went walking today before it turned cold this evening. Not another soul in sight as we walked. The temperature was just low enough to scare people off from the outdoors (or else they were all busy watching the playoffs). In any case it never did turn all that sunny. That is the one thing I miss most in the winter. This area gets 330 or more days of sunshine each year. Probably 25 of the 35 overcast days come in the latter part of December, January, and early February. So not only is it cold at times, it can be gloomy.

I find it interesting that so many of the blogs I read bemoan the dearth of topics to write about at this time of year. I find that I have literally hundreds of topics to write about, with more arriving via alien rays into my tiny little head every day. The problem is finding time to do justice to the topic of the day. I have fallen into the bad habit of writing this blog shortly before heading off to bed. That means that if I have procrastinated long enough, there is not enough time to do anything other than blither and blather for a bit and then head off to bed. So that means either I need to get more on the ball (and maybe even write a few entries in advance), or reach acceptance of the random nature of my posting. I'll try to let you know once I come to some resolution of the problem.

As a help to those bloggers short of topics at this time of year, let me leave you with this thought:
    The trouble with reality is that there is no background music to clue you in on what is about to happen.

Seems like one could get several posts out of that thought alone, including tracing the evolution of movie soundtracks from the silence of early talkies to the complex musical foreshadowing of today. Have at it.


  1. Well, speaking as someone who runs five blogs...

  2. I really feel that I deserve a fanfare of trumpets when I enter a room. Something long and thin with heraldic banners hanging from them.


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