Monday, December 1, 2008

Return of the Dentist

I write this with a numb half face. You know, the kind of face you get when you've been to the dentist and are wondering if you'll ever feel your tongue and cheek again. Today was the preparation for the crown to replace the tooth a I broke back a while ago (Described here and here and here.). Now all I have to do is live with the temporary cap for the next month (until January 5th) as the crown is made and the Holidays pass. If it is like past occurrences, the temporary will last about 2 weeks and then I'll have to have a new one put on. My bite tends to grind holes in the hollow temporaries.

We finally got a tiny skiff of the snow that raged around us over the weekend. Not enough of a trace to even tell whether it was snow or just the hoar frost blowing into the cracks. As I walked to the dentist's office this morning I was debating with myself whether it was snow of the hoar frost. There wasn't much in any case. The dental nurse said that there was more to the east and west of us and that it was definitely snow. Typical for the valley we live in here. As my wife got ready to return to the mountains yesterday afternoon, we kept an eye on the road reports since some of the interstate route closed briefly due to the snow and ice in the mountains. She got back to the mountains in good shape and reported they had 2-3 feet of new snow. We are still awaiting our first real snow out here on the plains. If it wasn't for the fact that the farmers need the moisture, I could be happy that it hasn't snowed yet.

Well, off to return phone calls and get the reports done for tonight's Boy Scout Committee meeting. Hopefully my face will have returned to normal by then. Right now the front and lower lip is still numb enough it is hard to even drink my morning coffee. What a disaster - a morning without coffee!


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