Monday, December 1, 2008

Sometimes you win ...

 ... and sometimes you lose. Meeting tonight was canceled when one of the other committee members could not make it. So we put it off a week and adjourned to go watch football.

Speaking of football, does anyone else find this year uninspiring with the possible exception of three teams. Even the Broncos are so inconsistent that one is never sure which team will show up in any given game. Fortunately they play in a division where the other teams seem to have self-destructed early and often. So barring a really odd occurrence, they are in the playoffs. The three teams I find interesting this year? The Giants, the Jets, and the Titans. Oh well.

I love the odd weather this time of year around here. Today breezy and overcast, tomorrow up to the mid 60's, followed by Wednesday when it is not supposed to exceed 30 degrees all day. It could be worse, we could already be buried in snow and the temperature could be in the teens.

Back to the salt mines. The Monday Night Football game is not interesting enough to waste the time watching.


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