Thursday, December 10, 2009

You Live In ....

Living in a small town has interesting side effects the you might not think of in the city. So herewith are a few gems.

The FedEx and UPS guy(s) know your name and your habits - and if you're not home they will track you down elsewhere to deliver. When L was pregnant with the Son, we walked over to the Medical Center for an appointment with the OB/GYN. As we walked out after the appointment, there was Dave the FedEx guy with a package. He'd been by the house and since we weren't home he figured we might be over at the OB/GYN.

Your neighbor shovels your walk because he knows you are out of town. And a different neighbor plows the street with his truck because he knows the city snow plows are busy elsewhere.

You know what 4-H and FFA are.

You are in the parking lot of the local big box and notice a shotgun shell casing lying on the ice where they fell out of someone's pickup. Like this from today:

And your first thought is someone was goose hunting this morning.

You arrive home to a message on the house phone that begins "Daaan" and you know who the caller is before the second word is out. That's because there are only two people who have ever pronounced your name with quite that sing-song, and the younger one is near ninety. And when the message continues on "I'm at 555-5555 but I will be at home later in the day a 555- oh drat, 12 something, Just call me at home." you know immediately who it is. He hasn't remembered his home phone number in the 40+ years I've known him. And even if I didn't recognize the "Daaan", I could tell anyone in town that someone called and couldn't remember their home number but wanted a call back and they'd say "Oh, that's Frank at 555-1234."

P.S. Sorry for no post yesterday, but I was at a party where Santa came and gave me a present or two, at least one in the nature of that anti-freeze known as Crown Royal.


  1. I no what you mean with those. The neighbor was up early shoveling our drive the other morning. We have been most impressed that the township bothers to plow our deadend level street--where I lived in the city it was every man for himself.

  2. Yikes--that would be "know" instead of "no" in the last comment.

  3. I've lived in both small towns and big cities. I like small towns better :)

  4. I know what 4-H is, if that makes a difference, but I don't live in a small town. I think I'd like to though!

  5. Thanks for the peek into small town life for this city girl :)

  6. 4H and FFA have their own special club jackets in my town. It's a big deal with BIG scholarship money!

  7. Small towns are great! All cozy and nosy with tremendous good will. Crown Royal? You are King of the Hill...

  8. there's something to be said about a small town. The future farmers of America and shotgun shells all in the same post. Love it. Save some Royal for me.

  9. I thought I lived in a small town, but yours must be even smaller!


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