Thursday, December 17, 2009

Five Oddities, Facts, and Rants

Time for a varied bag of oddball things; some factual, some rants.

#1 - Most misleading headline:
This week's issue of the IEEE Spectrum Online (an emagazine for engineers) featured a story with the running title "Radioactive Cyborg Insects". Sounds like something out of science fiction or perhaps Chernobyl. But, when you click through to the actual story, you get the utterly boring and much tamer "Nuclear-Powered Transponder for Cyborg Insect." I was really hoping to read about the mutant spawn of Chernobyl ala the comics. Darn!

#2 - Rant:
Commenters who do not hook their name to either their website or email address. It makes it almost impossible to respond directly to your comments if you haven't connected the dots. You know who you are.

#3 - Rave:
Last I checked, it is still above freezing tonight. It was near 50 today during the sunlight. There is a good chance that the ice and slush on the streets may indeed be gone in time for Santa's visit!

#4 - Odd fact:
Winter Solstice this year occurs on December 21 at 17:47 UTC. For those who are a bit astronomically challenged, it means that the day length shortening then begins to turn to lengthening. Yay for more daylight on the way next week!

#5 - My new job:
All the new job guessers kept heading off into the sage brush with my admitted red herring hints, so here is the real scoop.
I am now the Executive Director of the Logan County Humane Society. I was a founding board member and have been on the board of directors for years, so this is a natural step as we begin construction on our new facility thanks to the generosity of local donors. (And thus the red herring clue that I was out putting in orange stakes in a sage brush field. We were marking the new facility site so the soil engineers could do their core drilling tomorrow.)

It is an interesting and challenging time. I am the first Director in LCHS history, so I am starting a lot of activities from the ground up. Coupled with the construction our first LCHS facility, my time is going to be a bit short for a while.

As a side note, this is the first time I have ever had a use for those FEMA ISC certificates I collected via training over the years as mayor. Who knew they were required for things like AEMP training?


  1. Ahh, congrats on the new job. Sorry to see that I was nowhere close with my guessing.

  2. Wow- congrats! That is an awesome job. We got our dog from the humane's society and I will never go anywhere else should we ever get another pet. Poor things!

    I'm right there with you on your rant.

  3. The humane society makes sense, but wouldn't have guessed. You've mentioned you got your dogs from the pound and are an animal lover.

    It'll be interesting when you come home with scents from other animals on you and Molly's reaction.

  4. I am all for more daylight, when it's dark at 4 pm I feel like I should be sending the kids to bed by 5:30! Ok I want to send them to bed at 4 pm but that's beside the point :)


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