Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Ghost of the Past

I was back in my old stomping grounds tonight, appearing before the city council on behalf of my new job. It would give all the habitat-for-humanity guessers false hope if they knew that much of the time was spent on the intricacies and failings of the current zoning code in the city.

You'd have been proud of me. I kept my presentation short and to the point. (Especially since the water engineers in front of me were scheduled for a 35 minute talk and it ran to over 100 minutes - not that I was counting or anything. {*grin})

I did get a chance to give the new council and city manager a hard time. At the entry to the council chambers is a rogue's gallery of photos of the council and the mayor, etc. I noted that according to the rogue's gallery, I was still the mayor as it was still my picture hanging there. That got a couple of mutters of "Omigosh, we haven't changed that yet!" out of the staff. That is what happens when you are mayor for three terms - they forget how to handle the transitions. {*grin/2*}

After that, I stopped by mom's on the way home to pick up a bunch of stuff from her freezer. I'd promised her I'd do so. That way she'd have space to clean one of her freezers. More to get things organized than cleaned - at least so it seems to me. In any case, my solo freezer is now full to the brim with all the additional stuff. I have even begun to suspect that there is creature living on the bottom of my freezer. It has been that long since I've seen the bottom. Probably won't until summer gets here and then it is time to reload.

Today was wonderful since the temperature finally got above freezing for the first time in a bit and some of the snow started to melt. I keep my fingers crossed in hope that it will finally get rid of the sheets of glare ice covering the roads and parking lots. It would be nice to have that cleared away before the next snow storm wonders in. We'll have to see. I still don't think it will be warm on Christmas Day, but a man can hope.

The next hint for the job guessers: I was a founding board member of the organization and think I have actually mentioned it here on the blog once or twice.


  1. My hope is the opposite of yours, I hope that it IS cold for Christmas. We get tired of wearing shorts for Christmas around here. Lol.

    I like that they still had your picture up!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog, made me laugh!

  2. I'm stumped on this job thing....hmmmmm when are you going to enlighten us

  3. I am sure returning to your stomping grounds and poking fun at the folks was a satisfying experience.

  4. Do you give new life to dead computers and donate to people in need of one or schools?


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