Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wishing Well,Wishing Well ....

It's Friday and thus time for

Five Odd Things I Really Wish I Knew How To Do

  • Embrace my enemies - in something other than a fatal bear hug! Revenge may indeed be a dish best eaten cold, but there are times when one just isn't hungry.

  • Understand the thinking behind some of the decisions in the design of PulseAudio (Linux techie specific - non techies can ignore. {*grin*}).

  • Find gainful employment that doesn't involve starting another company or being part of another start up.

  • Sleep more than five hours a night. Heck, just sleep for more than five hours at a time any part of the day.

  • Regain the pain free existence of youth, that halcyon time when nothing hurt and everything worked, no matter how hard I tried to abuse it.


  1. I'll have to pass the techie reference on to my husband. With regard to your other items, I agree about the need for consistent sleep. Oh, a luxury these days. I also would love those ache-free days of youth again!

  2. YEa for five hours of sleep.

    I'll take number 5 anyday

  3. SLEEP! Let me know if you find the answer for that one!! Your last one is so true, it just amazes me how my body has just, umm, fallen apart!

    If you get time stop my blog and play my "Fairytale Friday" for my first ever "Back to School Bucks" $50 giveaway!

  4. Hey when you figure out the sleep thing, let me know!! I'm already falling apart at 33 so number five would be great too!! I blame my genes!!

  5. AH sleep.... it's a beautiful thing, yes it is. When in need - Benadryl!


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