Monday, August 10, 2009


This is a picture of King Beauregard III - otherwise known as Beau. He was our dog before Molly. Beau was with us for many years until he finally passed away of old age. Here he's curled up by the garage door napping away.

The Son grew up with Beau and grew very deeply attached to him over the years. Beau originally came to live with us via the sneaky ploy of "employees call and ask grandma to bring the Son down to work where they have Beau waiting and then suggest that he ask his parents if he could keep him." No chance of saying no then. Beau was already 3 years old when we met him; he had been in an abusive situation and so had to find a new home. A full pedigreed Bassett Hound (with the corresponding long title) but he was always just plain old Beau to us.

Beau was a big one for curling up with certain of the Son's old stuffed animals. Judging by the size of the Son's BVDs wrapped around the stuffed dog, I'd guess that the picture is from about 10 years ago.

Beau's death was hard on all of us, but especially the Son. L sometimes still calls Molly by the name Beau when she is distracted. May he rest in peace!

This post is in response to the tag I got from Margaret of Facts From A Fact Woman last week. I normally don't continue to propagate old memes, but I am willing to participate. I did make the change to the 15th photo since I did the 10th photo version last year. In any case, consider yourself tagged if you so desire. The rules are:
►Open your first photo folder
►Scroll down to the 10th photo.
►Post that photo and the story about that photo on your blog.



  1. is this your dog that used to carry crickets in his mouth or do I have you confused with someone else.

    I'm glad you posted pics.

  2. What a great story.

    Remembering a pet is like telling the story of long lost friend.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yep, Beau is the cricket carrier of entries past.

  4. Sweet post about such a handsome fellow. Love the photos.


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