Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday Quickie

Today started with a physician recruitment breakfast at 7:30am and ended with a long winded city council meeting that finished at 10:00pm. No wonder Tuesdays just seem to be long.

My "Two fer Tuesday" random rants:
Why is there such a mismatch in the volume levels on TV? Not only do the ads blare well above program levels on any given station, but switching channels is almost guaranteed to either blow an eardrum or force one to lip read. Given the technology of automatic gain controls and standardized equipment, there is no reason we should have to suffer this way.

What ever happened to DWIM (Do What I Mean) computer interfaces that were touted so highly back in the early days of personal computing? The idea was intriguing, the prototype implementations showed promise, and then the rigidity of KWM (Keyboard Windows Mouse) interfaces took over. Seems like times are ripe for a resurgence - especially for cell phone type devices.

Time to head for bed so I can amble down to the radio station in the morning.


  1. I couldn't agree more about the TV volume control. But I am the person who will email a TV station and tell them what made me change the channel.

  2. I hate the t.v. issue - that is why I won't keep one in the bedroom.

    The only way I can fall asleep with the t.v. on is if I have a movie in on repeat. Otherwise, I get lulled into a gentle sleep and WHAM the commercial wakes me up.

  3. very pressing questions....hmmmm


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