Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writer's Assortment

Time once more for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. This week the prompts are:
1.) Describe something someone has done to make you feel special.
(inspired by Le Poppy Design)

2.)Name your current addiction...we can get through this together.
(inspired by Lula)

3.) What have you been busy doing that's keeping you from updating your blog? How hard is it for you to get back into the swing of blogging when you take time off?
(inspired by Sera)

4.) Write a letter.
(inspired by eyegirl)

5.) Where would you like to be?
(inspired by T.J.)

So off to the races we go!

#1) This one is both easy and hard. It is easy because there are so many things that so many people have done that make me feel special. It is hard because I need to pick just one effort to wax rhapsodic about. I'll go with an event from several years ago in my first year of being mayor. My birthday fell on the night of a city council meeting. Unbeknownst to me, L and the Son arranged with the city hall employees so that L and the Son could bring and serve cake at the meeting in honor of my birthday. That made me feel special that they would take the time and make that kind of effort to make sure my birthday was special.

<Assume soapbox> I've always felt that the true test of love is not what you do for each other when times are good, it is how you treat one another when times are bad. It can be easy to do something special for someone you love when all is coming up roses, but it is a lot harder when it seems like life has decided it is your turn in the septic tank. L and I have been through both good times and bad, but it is nice to have all the memories of good times like the above to cherish when times are bad. <Step off the soapbox>

#2) Way back in January when this was last a topic, I replied with this. Now I'm not sure I have a current addiction. Basically things are so fragmented and helter skelter right now that concentrating on only one thing for long is out the window. (Maybe I can claim the chasing and swatting of Miller moths is my current obsession. Yeah, that's it!)

#3) Nothing. I have been pretty regular in posting something during the week. I have missed some weekends and a few days when the schedule prevented me from getting to the computer. I don't know that I can really answer how hard it is for me to get back into the swing of blogging - I haven't been gone long enough to need to work on getting back into the swing of things. My problem tends to be that I have all these topics I'd like to write about or that I think are interesting, but the resulting article would be way too long to put up as a blog entry. Call it diarrhea of the mind and typing fingers if you will.

#4) Here it is:

Dear Ms. Salesperson:

I appreciated your cheerful insistence on talking to me today with that "important news" about better online storage strategies, but I did not care for the way you ignored my protestations of "Not interested!" and "Goodbye!" I especially did not care for the fact that you felt compelled to call me back after I pointedly hung up the telephone. It would seem that me telling you that I am not interested should be enough for you to cease and desist. Since it wasn't and you called to interrupt me yet again, I am taking the time to write you this letter.

Because of your ill-mannered and ill-considered actions, I will never consider the purchase of any product from you or XYZ, Inc. The lack of consideration for purchase will also extend to any of my clients who seek my opinion on the products of XYZ, Inc.

I hope you will share this letter with your supervisor and the president of XYZ, Inc. I have taken the liberty of assisting you in sharing by sending them a copy of this letter for their files under separate cover.


My Real Name

#5) I can think of several places I'd like to be right now. Hawaii sounds nice. I haven't been there in years. Likewise the mountains with L also sounds good. But the one place I'd really like to be right now is bed. Especially given that today started at 4:30am and ended with a meeting that finished just a bit ago, included doing the radio show, meeting with Senator Udall's staff, doing therapy with XXX, answering a few looney phone calls, and enduring a splitting headache (weather and blood sugar induced).


  1. You do a radio show??? Do tell... or send me a link where you tell...

  2. I've been chasing those darn little moths, too.

    And I'm with you on telemarketers. I usually ask for the address and phone number of the company. I am on both the national and state do no call lists. If they get enough complaints, the state sues and I can get a measly share of the proceeds. The problem is, that no one ever will give the information. They keep asking why I want it. I say I want to make sure I am dealing with a legitimate company, but if they still balk, I tell them why I really want it, Then THEY hang up on me.

    Well, I do that when I'm in the mood to annoy telemarketers because they have just annoyed me. Most of the time, as soon as they start their come ons, I hang up without a word.

  3. I want to hear this radio show!
    I really can't believe a telemarketer called you back. That's bold, rude, and hilarious all at the same time. I try to be nice to telemarketers, because hey, it's someones job and all, but that would have really ticked me off.

  4. Great letter! I can't believe he called you back!

  5. I laughed about your moth killing addiction : ). I LOVE that your wife and child brought you a cake. That is a special memory! I also love what you said about how hard it is to be nice in hard times versus being nice in great times. It is so important to be kind all the time. I am severely lacking in this!

  6. In answer to those curious about the radio show, it is simply me giving the weekly update and taking calls from the listeners. You can gather a bit about it from this post and this post.

  7. Now that is a unique addiction ... killing moths.
    And I kind of daydreamed when you said Hawaii and forgot what else I was going to say.

  8. I hate when you are forced to hangup on salespeople. If i say no thanks I mean it. But to call back, WOW. I don't want to be rude but most of the time they don't give you a choice.

  9. That's a lot of nerve...calling you back, unbelievable!

    I like how you answered a bunch of these! Moth killing, I'm leaving that to you.


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