Thursday, June 25, 2009

Five Things I Won't ...

Time for

Five Things I Won't Be Doing This Weekend

  • Attending my only nephews wedding in Seattle. Between L and I we have four nieces, but only one nephew. So congratulations and best wishes to Josh and Lynn, his lovely bride to be, on their special day Saturday. May you both have many happy years together.
  • Playing in the Chamber of Commerce golf scramble. I was invited to play on the local newspaper's team by the publisher, but unfortunately I already had a prior commitment. The first time in history the local press has desired to give me something other than a hard time and I have to refuse. Life is just not fair.
  • Sitting at home sweltering in the heat and humidity.
  • Mowing the forest primeval otherwise known as the lawn. I did it today in the heat and humidity in preparation for my early morning departure. At least I am 10 lbs. lighter now after losing all that sweat.
  • Staying home period. I am off to play corporate spouse for L at the annual district meeting for her company. Thus I will get to attend rousing sessions such as "welcome" and "spouses meeting", eat too much at formal dinners, and otherwise fend for myself in the gloriously cool environs of Vail. I suspect that I fail the eye-candy test for a good corporate wife, but L is stuck with me. (Although I did suggest finding a good TV heart throb to sit in for me.) Nothing like the old sport coat and tie to clean up an old reprobate like me.


  1. Have a great time at the corporate love-in. Do they provide the spouses with trips out or something to keep your pretty little heads busy while the business people get on with being all business-like?

  2. I hope you have a nice time. Maybe you can get a massage or a pedicure...

  3. Have a good time and just thing if she took a tv heartthrob you would be home in the sweltering heat and humidity or playing golf with people who will just give you a hard time!!

  4. I am giving you an award in a bit so stop on by!!

  5. Oh nonsense. You know L thinks you're eye candy!


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