Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Joy of Youth

Time once more for

I had the privilege of being interviewed today by three twenty-somethings participating in the CU Denver Medical School rural experience program: a first year medical student, a P.A. student, and a graduate nurse working on her doctorate in psychology. In their honor I give you

Five Great Things About Being A Twenty-something

  • You have boundless enthusiasm and energy
  • You believe that all things are possible
  • You have the glowing spark of idealism shining in your eyes
  • You believe that life and the universe treat all fairly
  • You are willing to give all that you have in service to strangers without a second thought


  1. reminds me of all those graduations I've been to lately...the future is filled with endless possiblities....

  2. I miss those days of living in oblivion. :)

  3. be young and fresh again!


You know you want to ... so just do it!!!

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