Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can You Guess ...

Time once more for


Five Pictures That I Bet You Can't Guess The Purpose Of





Ready to give up yet? Figured out why Duckie and I are battling to the death on the grounds of city hall? Need a hint?
  • Hint #1: Duckie is the mascot of the Blue Skies Therapeutic Riding Club. Blue Skies supplies therapeutic horse riding experiences for the differently abled and physically handicapped.
  • Hint #2: These pictures are from several years ago.
  • Hint #3: Blue Skies raises money each year by challenging a community group or leader to a ticket selling contest. Each side sells numbers on plastic ducks for a float race on the city spillway. Prizes are donated and the big winner also gets cash prizes.
  • Hint #4: The city council and I were the challengees for this particular year.
  • Hint #5: The challenge typically involves not only insane publicity, but a supremely embaressing moment for the loser.

Figured it out yet?

What you see above are some of the publicity photos used to hype the contest and generate ticket sales. Blue Skies seems to win most years, maybe because they have and avid and experienced sales staff (the volunteers from the group and the people they help). The year of these photos, it was a close race but we, the city council and myself, lost. Our embarrassing moment followed a few weeks after the duck float race: we had to enter the city council chambers at the start of an official meeting wearing cowboy hats and riding broom stick ponies while singing a certain western tune. Needless to say, the press was there with glee along with a pretty good size crew of Blue Skies supporters. 

 Now where are all of your embaressing photos?


  1. I love these Dan! Hilarious.

  2. That was too funny. I had no idea what was going on in that collage

  3. Thanks for the explanation! That was really funny:) I like the photo with the tree the best!

  4. That was hilarious. My embarrassing photos are in a box in a closet on the top shelf where they belong. :)

  5. Too funny.

    And I already shared my embarrassing photos in my Evolution of A Nerd post so nanny nanny boo boo!


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