Thursday, June 18, 2009

Five things I ...

Time for

Five Things I Could Have Done Without This Week
Getting up at 4:30am to make an 8am meeting 100+ miles up the road

Hoeing weeds from the garden (Don't they ever quit growing?)

The thunderstorm and tornado warnings for each night for the last week

The arrival of hot weather with high humidity after all the rains

Missing the opening of the time capsule from 100 years ago at the court house (where I was originally to speak) just to attend the meeting mentioned in the first bullet point


  1. I understand why you want to skip all that.

  2. That stinks that you missed the time capsule! That sounds cool and it doesn't happen all the time!

  3. The time capsule does sound cool. It's a shame that you missed it. You're right about the weeds. I hear them laughing now as they start pushing through the dirt again and again!!! It feels like a hopeless battle.

  4. Dan are you having any trouble viewing Angie's blog. I can't see any of her posts and I can't link up for Friday high Five???

  5. Hahahah! Sorry to be laughing at your misery but, great idea, might have to begin it at my own!

  6. I hate 2,3 and 4 too!! So hot and humid here!! ugh!! Sooooo sorry you had to go to that meeting and miss the time capsule! You and do you do it?!?!?


You know you want to ... so just do it!!!

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