Thursday, May 28, 2009

Five Out of the Ordinary ...

Time once more for

Five Out of the Ordinary Things Experienced Today

The sight of the United Way executive from the big city to the west actually admitting he had no clue why the program we (the city) funded two years ago is not operational. Needless to say, the funding organizations are not interested in contributing further monies until the program is working and a full explanation of the current vacuum is forthcoming.

The look on the face of the Chairwoman of the School Board when I asked her what she thought of the budget for the upcoming year. (School funding in Colorado has been uncertain from the state, leading to really convoluted attempts by school boards to estimate income for the budget.)

The transforming look of joy on the face of the lady in line in front of me when she replied to the checker's question, "Going or coming?", with a hearty "All done for the day and going home!"

The look of astonishment when the speaker at the meeting tonight discovered that the brochures for the service organization he represents had neither an address nor a phone number anywhere to be found. Makes it hard to contact them for services or to volunteer. Maybe the perfect service organization?

The behavior of the software updater on one of my computers. Can you spell cyclic dependency graph? Don't you wish the update programmer could have?


  1. I know that feeling of joy - being done for the day and going home. Even better on Fridays...done for the week!! :)

  2. As a former editor, I know that sinking feeling when you realize you left out the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE BROCHURE -- contact info! Not that I ever did that of course!

  3. Poor service organization representative! Contact info is pretty important. :)


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