Thursday, May 21, 2009

Five Oddities Spotted ...

It's time once more for

Five Oddities Spotted at the Meeting I Attended Tonight

  • Although the meeting was about a development in the far rural reaches of the county, there were more city officials in attendance than officials from the county.
  • The engineering/consulting firm for the project actually had an approximately equal male/female ratio in the engineers attending. Given that the project is geologic and oil and gas related, to see that kind of equality warmed the cockles of my scientist's heart.
  • The code of ethics for the FERC representative prevented her from even sampling the food buffet put out for all to enjoy by the project backers. That sounds to me like a policy in need of some sanity, especially since they sent the representative out for a evening meeting without many other options for food. (FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) 
  • The landowners adjacent to the project attended the meeting because it was a social event. They were there to exchange gossip and crop news more than to ask questions about the project. (So related to the above, the representative from FERC was probably the loneliest person at the meeting.)
  • Nothing will perk the ears of the Emergency Coordinator and the Fire Chief quicker than an off-handed discussion of tanker trucks loaded with highly flammable explosives following a HazMat route through the area.


  1. Oh, we're quite familiar with FERC here. I work for a power distribution company. Also NERC and SERC... always a good time when they're involved. Now I know why they're so "fun" (for lack of a nicer word)... they're not allowed to eat. It makes perfect sense now.

  2. Your stories remind me so much of the school board meetings that I cover for our local paper. Aren't these meetings so much fun?


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