Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Wanna Be ...

Once more it is time for Mama Kat's Writer's Challenge. This week the prompts are:
  1. Create a video for your blog (vlog) and participate in Tim's "vlogemotions" by talking about an emotion you've felt this week. You can link up here AND link up at Tim's place at Fort Thompson on Thursday. That's have my permission to double dip.
  2. Do you want a baby?
  3. Who got in big trouble this week?
  4. Write a poem for your mother.
  5. Time for a trip? Where are you headed this summer?...Or where would you go if you COULD.
I know for a fact that #1 is not going to happen. By the time I shaved, trimmed my beard, got decently dressed, found a camera, made 6 million attempts to get four consecutive sentences out without an uh, duh or ahem, it would be next week. Besides, many of the phrases from my "You're So Ugly ..." post ring too close to true for me on camera. No point in killing the few readers i have! {*grin*}

As for #2, been there and done that. It is neat to see the Son emerging into responsible adulthood now, but I don't miss the trials and tribulations of getting from toddler-hood to adulthood enough for the baby to toddler-hood stage that I loved to make up for it. I do miss the wide eyed joy of the first five or six years of life though. There is something great about settling down in the chair with a youngster on one arm and a book on the other for the bedtime story. It even makes up for reading the same story until your ears bleed every time you hear the second sentence. And baths and the games therein just can't be beat at that age. On the other hand, poop containment system failure is no fun what so ever.

I don't know that anyone around here got into big trouble this week so it is hard to do #3 real justice. No one was caught doing things they shouldn't be doing, no one was calling me on the phone and screaming, and I don't think I can claim the weather got in trouble. I do have a friend who had to change pain medications as he waits for the FDA to approve the surgery he needs. Until then, he is on very high doses of pain killers and it finally reached the point last week that they were concerned about permanent liver damage and so moved him onto morphine. We (him, his wife, L, and I) were supposed to go out to eat last weekend, but due to the trials of adjusting to the morphine, he lost the weekend. (Literally - he doesn't remember much of it at all.) So I guess you could say he got into big trouble. He seems to be returning to normal now as they get the dosages and timing adjusted.

No poems this week, so #4 is out. Poetry and the finer emotions just don't seem to be on the tip of my tongue this tonight.

As for the trip, that one is easy. My nephew is getting married in Seattle this summer and the Son is in the wedding party. That is where I'd be travelling if I could. Instead, I'll be in the mountains of Colorado playing corporate "wifey" for L at the annual meeting of her company. It is one of those "not mandatory" but really mandatory appearances for spouses. It figures that the two events are the same weekend in June. At least I have had the pleasure of meeting my nephew's bride to be. They were out this way to visit Mom and me some months ago. You know how you see some couples and its clear that they just fit well with each other? That is my nephew and his fiancee. I think they make a great couple and wish them well.

Time to get some stuff prepared for tomorrow. The District 1 CML (Colorado Municipal League) meeting is here and we are hosting, so I figure i should at least be a bit clueful about what is going on. Not only that, but it will be one of only two appearances by yours truly as District 1 President. You can read about how I got railroaded into that job here.


  1. I've never been to the mountains of Colorado, but my son has and just his photos are breathtaking. Can't imagine seeing them in "real life".

  2. Isn't it funny how 2 great things always seem to happen at the same time? I can have weeks of nothing and then all of a sudden 2 WONDERFUL things happen at the same time and I have to pick.... Man! Hope you have fun in Colorado!

  3. I'm probably heading to Seattle this summer for a few days for my daughter's cheer camp. I can't wait! But enjoy your wife duties!

  4. "poop containment system failure" is DEFINITELY NO fun! You crack me up!

  5. I like your thoughts on kids ... nice to see it from the "long" view rather than the "right in it now" view!!!


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