Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today I Rant For Tomorrow I ...

Today I wasted yet another two hours of my life sitting through a meeting of a committee I got volunteered to serve on. It seems that in spite of having a paid facilitator, we run in circles week after week. Mostly because there are too many players with personal skin in the game, all trying to act like they don't. I just wish that we could somehow force everyone to stand up and declare their real interests so we could move on to solving the problem at hand without all the posturing and protectionism and hidden pushing and shoving. Oh well, probably much too sane and logical to have happen in a room full of pols and idiots ...

Then to make matters worse, the weekly meetings have been moved to a room in a historically restored court house.

 The meeting room has 18 foot high tin plate ceilings,
hardwood floors,
and absolutely no sound absorption. So the meeting is like sitting in a echo chamber with a jet revving for take off at one end. No one can hear anyone else and that includes the recording system for making the official notes. And so it goes ...

At least there was a football game on the TV when I finally got home.


  1. Men and their football. It comes through for you all the time. LOL.

  2. I too was at a meeting last night. The fourth one in as many days and at the one last night the board discussed raising school taxes nearly 6.6 percent and proptly said they had no comment at the end of the meeting. Hasn't anyone ever explained to them that no comment is worse than anything else you can say?

  3. Oh, sounds like a headache waiting to happen. I hope your team won.

  4. Ugh. I would have hated that. Hope the football was worth it.

  5. I can't even imagine how anyone could do anything in a room like that! No wonder you guys were running in circles. The echoes would've made it impossible for you to hear the others so all you're stuck with is a lot of noise.

    Well, at least you had football :)


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