Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do You ...

Do you ever have a particular taste in mind when you decide to fix or order a dish only to have the actual dish not live up (or down) to your imagination? I do.

Sometimes I come across a recipe and think "Boy, that sure sounds good." But many times the actual taste bears little resemblance to my mental picture of how it should/would taste. The same thing happens from time to time with old favorites. Then I always wonder if I have made the dish wrong. After all, I seldom follow a recipe to the letter. I am more a bit of this and a dash of that type of cook.

The other day the topic came up in a discussion with mom, since it happens to her as well. Her thought was that it might be related to aging and the associated changes in taste abilities and preferences. My thought was that it might be reflective of the different nutritional needs at the time. After all, when I was a teenage football player, every bit of food in the universe in any combination looked good and tasted good. Now? Not so much. We left the topic hanging that so we could go eat. {*grin*}

I was also reminded of how taste and cravings for certain foods can change due to other environmental factors. For example, one of the drugs I took or a couple of years to treat a chronic condition left me with an insane desire for grapefruit. Not citrus fruit, but grapefruit specifically.
I'd peel and eat a couple of grapefruit a day and they tasted absolutely sublime. Then I changed to a different drug regimen and the desire for grapefruit faded. (Not to mention that they taste no where near as good as I remember them from the drug period.)

Now I am left to wonder if my current fascination with scrambled eggs
drizzled with Tabasco Chipotle Sauce
is an artifact of my current drug regimen, a development of aging taste buds, or is just a passing fad for my taste buds. After all, I used to not care for scrambled eggs in any form what-so-ever. That is certainly not the case now.

So what foods do you find you crave? And which ones no longer live up to the taste in your imagination?


  1. I worry that my culinary explorations are limited. It is interesting that you mention citrus. I'm not as drawn to it like I used to be. Wonder if it's all those orange juice spills that I've been cleaning up lately??

  2. When I was a kid I had a food stand at our county fair. One day we were so busy I didn't get to eat until really late. Finally I got a piece of meatloaf between two slices of bread. To this day a meatloaf sandwich is one of my favorite things.

  3. We just had a conversation the other day about how everything tasted soooo good when we were kids and now the same foods make me gag. I still love macaroni & cheese but it doesn't taste even half as good as it did back then :)

  4. Interesting topic. I can't really say if I crave for things since I'm still young enough want to eat just about anything. However, when I was pregnant, I had the craziest cravings for cheese pizza. I mean I like cheese pizza but not the same way as when I was pregnant. I still remember eating cheese pizza and thinking to myself that if that was the only thing that existed in the world, I would have died a happy woman. Yea, not so much these days because that craving has long passed.


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