Thursday, November 18, 2010

Odd Thoughts

Yesterday I caught a bit of dialog in a teaser for a TV show that made my day.
"You're building a time machine. Right? So what's the rush?"
Talk about an amusingly deep thought! If you ever succeed in building a time machine, you can always go back to any earlier time with it so that if you have ever built it you already have it now.  If you don't succeed, it will make no difference and you will have no machine ever. I always dreamt of having one of these
ever since I read H. G. Well's novella "The Time Machine" in my childhood. I still wouldn't mind having one, but by the above logic I don't have a snowball's chance in ....

In other completely useless information, it is forecast to get up to 60 degrees today and have highs in the 50s until ... wait for it ... next week around Thanksgiving when the highs will be around freezing. Sort of figures. Wait until the time when everyone has time to wonder about outdoors and then make it turn cool. Oh well.

Time to get on with it. Don't do anything I wouldn't.


  1. Thinking about time machines....have you ever figured out what they did with the machine while traveling in the past/future? I mean, most of the images and illustrations I've seen show these time machines to be fairly large contraptions. Do they hide them behind a tree or a bush nearby so that no one else would find it and use it? hmmm.....

  2. I am with you on the HG Wells' Time Machine and of course the Back to the Future series that reminded me of my interest as a teen.

  3. See you last week :) I've always dreamed of having a time machine too!


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